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Climate Solutions

Every organisation has a role to play in helping to address climate change. Those who are not sufficiently familiar with the issues and, importantly, the main solutions, will not be robust. At present, even businesses operating directly in “climate-related” fields do not necessarily understand their total potential to help, or hinder, and the opportunity to innovate and lead.

Climate Solutions Professional

This course offers a simple and short way to gain significant understanding of one of the defining issues of our generation. It will help prepare you and your organisation for change; it will highlight where that change is most needed and where the opportunities lie.

Climate Solutions Accelerator

In just 90 minutes, managers will learn direct from world leading experts the practical solutions they can implement to help tackle climate change.


Our Climate Solutions courses are imbued with the optimism that comes from tackling an issue, so managers can deliver solutions and understand how they and their organisations can play the greatest part.

Providing significant market prescience for leaders of industry and public bodies, they will help them to steer future operations and to plan for inevitable change.

Our courses will make it easier for organisations to identify drivers of customer behaviours, shareholder influence, tax and legislation and innovation opportunities, as well as motivating staff.

There are significant organisational and reputational benefits in addressing sustainability in terms of resource limitations; trends in costs and demand; major risk management; developing skills bases; global brand and reputation.

Our Alumni

What the Experts Say

“Every business is going to have to ask themselves…how will Climate Change affect my business today, tomorrow, in the decades ahead, and how am I adjusting to be part of the solution?”

“Climate change and its associated impacts will drive our markets and behaviours over the next few yeas and decades, influencing national and global trade, legislation, innovation and opportunity.  Any organisation which does not understand this issue is at severe risk of losing competitiveness and even becoming obsolete.”

“This is an important initiative on possibly the world’s most vital issue of the next 30 years.”

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