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Tackling the global climate emergency is everyone’s responsibility. Whether you’re an individual, a small business or part of a national or multi-national organisation, learning more about a seismic issue such as this can give you a better understanding on how to transition to a greener, carbon-neutral future.

The Herald are keen to engage with businesses and individuals to educate and inform on the changes we can all make in business and in our personal lives.

Our courses offer certificate accreditation of your commitment to taking personal and corporate action on climate change.

Climate Solutions Professional

This course offers a simple and short way to gain significant understanding of one of the defining issues of our generation. It will help prepare you and your organisation for change; it will highlight where that change is most needed and where the opportunities lie.

Climate Solutions Accelerator

In just 90 minutes, managers will learn direct from world leading experts the practical solutions they can implement to help tackle climate change.

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